Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

My diet isn't going quite as well as I hoped... I am still slave to my cravings. Slowly but surely I am removing foods from my intake. Regular soda is gone. Cookies are gone.

Oh the bright side I am down to 110. Soon to be 109... that would be two pounds less than on my driver's license & I lied when it was made! :)

I have made some observations about my yo-yo dieting:
- Drugs are a live saver. Whether it be Adderall or coke or any other type of stimulant or upper, my appetite is virtually gone.
- I need to keep busy. If I stop going for just one teensy-tiny minute, I am obsessing about food and hunger.
- Shopping is an addiction. I spent $60 today on things I didn't need simply so I would be shopping & not eating.

Also I quit my job at the restaurant. I am planning to find another job that has less calories. Hopefully something somewhat freelance that doesn't take up all my time.

Anyways, sorry for the "random thoughts" post ~ I'm just gonna keep posting whatever pops into my head! (To keep me busy you see.)

Stay thin ladies! XoXo
p.s. I LOVE THINSPO!!!!!!!!!