Thursday, January 13, 2011

2 Day Cleanse

My 2 day cleanse went well.

1st day's intake:
1 Vanilla SlimFast ~ 180
2 Chicken McNuggets ~ 96
+ Diet Pepsi, Green Tea, & WATER
TOTAL: 276

2nd day's intake:
1 Strawberry Pop Tart ~ 200
1 'Blue Machine' Naked Smoothie ~ 319
+ Diet Coke, WATER
TOTAL: 519

I'm pretty proud of myself considering it's been a while since I've stayed under 800 calories! My addy's are suppressing any appetite that I might've had. Classes have started up this semester & I'm concentrating hard on them - I'm aiming for all A's. If I have any cravings I'm going to do homework, homework, homework & then some to take my mind off of food. Also I'm going to drink 2 water bottles per class. YUMMY Crystal Light packets - I can sip on those all day!

Did anyone see the Megan Fox bikini pictures? I randomly came across them. This is what made me want to start restricting again - she looks AMAZING! My goal is to have a waist and abs like Megan by swimsuit season... except with less boobs & more BONES!

I wish it was summer already! It's terribly cold here now. The mornings are brutal getting out of my perfectly warm, comfy bed. I've been shivering all day, & I can't tell if it's because the entire room is cold or if it's just me. Well I might as well get used to it since I'm going to be losing all my extra PADDING! ;)


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